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tv   [untitled]    November 25, 2010 4:00pm-4:30pm PST

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of parents. i know that we briefly went over this, so briefly in a couple of minutes. but the efforts and the thought, and everything that went into this is tremendous. and also, the head of the educational placement center, they have coordinated this and they have courted all of this in such a short time line. i want to say, thank you. >> i would offer the commissioner something to consider, hopefully in a year or two. there is the idea that they were entering the system where they did not know the level of certainty, with the private schools that cater to nervous parents, and the school
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district, you kind of get in or you do not get in. this is monumentally different. this is a year or so that we will continue to look at this for a model of change. >> and are there any other questions? we will open this up to public comment, if there is anyone who wishes to speak on this item. there will be no public comment. and i would like to again request that we filed this item, and appreciate the partnership with the school district, to educate the board members and hopefully many people will be watching on this hearing, and they will go into the upcoming events for students and transportation. have we completed the agenda for today? we are concerned. thank you, colleagues.
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. >> san francisco. . >> san francisco is a sanctuary city. . >> san francisco is a sanctuary city. san francisco is committed to providing safe access to public services to our community.
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. president chiu: welcome to
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the november 23, 2010, meeting of the board of supervisors. madam role, would you call the roll? madam clerk: [reading roll] all members are present. president chiu: thank you. ladies and gentlemen, could you join me in the pledge of allegiance? colleagues, we have received meeting minutes from the october 19 meeting. can i have in motion to approve these? we have a motion from supervisor dufty, seconded by supervisor mirkarimi. without objection, that is
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approved. madam clerk, are there any? could you read items one through seven. madam clerk: these items will be done by a single roll call vote. president chiu: colleagues, would you like to sever any items? supervisor elsbernd? item 3. madam clerk, could you read items one through seven with the exception of item number three? madam clerk: [reading roll] there are 11 ayes.
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president chiu: those items are passed. item 8. madam clerk: this was a lawsuit that was i have on december 10, 2007. president chiu: roll call. madam clerk: [reading roll] there are 10 ayes, one no. president chiu: this item is finally passed. item eight. madam clerk: this is an
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ordinance amending article 8 of the san francisco code by adding sections 471.1 at the route 479.9, to set nutritional standards for restaurant food. president chiu: supervisor mar? supervisor mar: thank you, colleagues, for supporting this, creating healthier choices for our we applaud the mayor's work to combat child obesity through increasing assets of healthy food. however, we need to do much, much more. this is what we could spend on
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outreach and education. this is where fast food references are abundant. no amount of physical activity can undo the harm of unhealthy eating. from the institutes of medicine to the world health organization, we know that reducing the consumption of junk food by kids, like my daughter, could save billions of dollars for overstressed public health system. this includes community health advocates and individuals. i want to thank our stellar department staff for their hard work for many, many years to address the equities in the food and varmint in san francisco and to make sure that access to healthy food is a human right in our city. this is also the product of another key coalition of activists that have been helping
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to create healthy nutrition in our area. also, there is our city attorney and others, but especially to one for the hard work the last person imagines is from my staff. she had to be part community adviser, part want. , and we would not be here. this is to create healthier choices and more equitable environment. thank you. president chiu: supervisor mirkarimi?
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supervisor mirkarimi: i have not expressed my support except for when it has come before us for a vote. by the coverage that it has been getting in the mainstream and alternative media and the debate which is put an idea, where it is not a place for invincible government to offer or proffer this ideal or not. and i want to congratulate supervisor mar. i do not think holding our breath will get any amount of coverage, so good for local
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government. no matter, feeling awkward or clumsy, we cannot wait for others." to answer these questions, so i want to thank you for restarting a conversation. president chiu: any further discussion? roll call vote. madam clerk: [reading roll] there are 8 ayes and 3 nos. president chiu: this is finally
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passed. madam clerk, could you please read item number nine? >> -- madam clerk: this is a resolution under chapter 71 of the san francisco administrative code, approving a historical property contract between nakamura flp, the owner of the lilienthal-orville pratt house, and the city and county of san francisco. president chiu: roll-call vote. madam clerk: [reading roll]
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president chiu: this is adopted. next item. madam clerk: item number 10, an ordinance amending the san francisco planning code by adding sections. item number 11, we define a mobile caterers and pushcart peddlers, creating a penalty provisions, new hearing procedures, and adding annual fees and plan check fees. president chiu: colleagues, can we take this same house, same call? without objection, this item is finally passed. item number 12. madam clerk: an ordinance amending the san francisco planning code. president shoot boat -- president chiu: any discussion?
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roll call vote. madam clerk: [reading roll] there are eight ayes and 3 no's. president chiu: this item is finally passed. item number 13. madam clerk: an ordinance amending the san francisco ministry of code dealing with landscape and landscape rehabilitation. president chiu: will call vote. madam clerk: [reading roll]
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president chiu: this item is finally passed. item number 14. madam clerk: to require any person who produces a drug offered for sale in san francisco to participate in an approved drugs george's program -- drug stewardship program. president chiu: supervisor mirkarimi? supervisor mirkarimi: i would like to update the findings.
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this is that they are responsible for the public outrage. on page 8, line 19, through line two, this directs the ampara -- department of the environment to guide them in submitting plans. this is what they will use to measure the success of their plans. president chiu: colleagues, can we take this without amendment?
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these are adopted. supervisor mirkarimi: after the consideration before us, and i wanted to see if we would be able to strike some pilot accord with the pharmaceutical
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industry. in these negotiations are still ongoing. we will either have something alternative to this legislation, or we will vote on this legislation, so i would like to ask to continue this. president chiu: supervisor mirkarimi has moved that this be continued. without objection, this passes until the seventh of next month. item 15. madam clerk: item number 15, an ordinance amending the health code to update nuisance definitions. president chiu: a roll call vote
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on this item. madam clerk: [reading roll] there are 11 ayes. president chiu: this item is finally passed. item 16. madam clerk: items 16, in resolution fixing the prevailing wage rates. president chiu: colleagues? this item is adopted. item 17. madam clerk: resolution approving the issuance of water revenue bonds.
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president chiu: same house same call? this item is adopted. madam clerk: this is an ordinance amending the san francisco building coat -- cotd. president chiu: this item is passed. items 19 and 20. madam clerk: an ordinance amending the urban design a transportation elements of the san francisco general plan, and item 20, an ordinance adopting the better streets plan. president chiu: colleagues, can we take this same house, same call? these items are passed on the same reading. item number 21. madam clerk: an oregon supreme
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the san francisco municipal transportation agencies relocation impact study and last resort housing plan for the central subway project. president chiu: this item is passed on the same reading. item number 22. madam clerk: an ordinance adding article 15.7 to the san francisco police code. >> president chiu? thank you, mr. chair. colleagues, this is something for the first time that would create regulation. i think everyone is acutely aware that not only have we had a number of instances of violence lely, but under the entertainment commission, we have had about 80% of the incidences that have occurred have resulted in permits being
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revoked or suspended. colleagues, what i would like to ask today is that we have had a very robust conversation at the public safety committee. this is legislation that was supported by the entertainment commission and others, as well as by the san francisco police department. this is just a place on record what the amendments are. there are four specific amendments that involved the san francisco police department on one hand working with industry representatives and the entertainment commission. the first amendment would add language to exclude from the language of bona fide fund-
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raising events those that have commercial or marketing for a third party, and a second amendment would add language to exclude or amend coverage for events covered by the city, such as the black and white ball. and there is the power to remove a promoter from the online registry. this is if they submitted false or incomplete information. if the promoter did that, he would not be able to register for one year. and this would not require anything else beyond that, unless and until a particular party promoter resulted in some
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type of public safety issue or something else, in which case additional requirements, such as insurance and other security items would begin. i want to thank supervisor maxwell force support, and at this time, i would like to make a motion to amend. >> colleagues, we have a motion from president chiu? can we take this? president chiu: this is a motion to refer. >> so we have a motion by president chiu, seconded by supervisor note -- supervisor avalos.
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president chiu: items 27 and 28. madam clerk: these were forwarded as reports, and item 27 is about appointing rodney fong to the planning commission, and item 28 is a motion rejecting the mayor's appointment of rodney fong. president chiu: colleagues, i recognize that these to the idea items came out of committee without recommendation. we can take a roll-call vote. madam clerk: [reading roll]
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there are 11 ayes. president chiu: there is a motion from supervisor mirkarimi, seconded by supervisor alioto-pier. supervisor maxwell, do you want to re-refer? supervisor maxwell: i think we will have to wait. president chiu: which i will that be? president maxwell: i do not
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know. we will have to wait. president chiu: ok, so why do we not move to roll call? madam clerk: supervisor elsbernd? supervisor elsbernd: we had -- this was a direct result of conversations with various stakeholders related to local hiring and projects in san francisco, and we have had
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discussions with other of work union tradesmen and women in san francisco. many community groups, small businesses, and local business enterprises. and this provided our office with an idea and we worked closely in this will insure greatest success.
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at the attorney's office, i want to think some people for their work. -- thank some people. the legislation starts a 25%, and that is 5% per year. and we have a real opportunity to support the community by keeping local dollars in the local area, creating access for jobs with worker protection and good wages


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